1 in 3 North American kids

think the Holocaust was exaggerated, fabricated or aren’t sure it even happened.

Source: liberation75.org/survey

And 42% of students

have unequivocally witnessed an antisemitic event – many of these incidents have taken place in schools or playgrounds.

Source: liberation75.org/survey

A better world starts with Holocaust education in Grade 6.

It just needs to be mandated.

Holocaust education isn’t only about Jewish people.

It teaches kids to stand up against hate, intolerance and indifference. And the importance of protecting freedom and democracy. The learnings are universal — with the outcomes focused on the empathy and understanding of all races and religions.

The right time and place to educate kids is in the Grade 6 classroom.

At 11, kids are developing their values and they are old enough to understand complex issues.

Their actions will shape society.

The Young Again/

Never Again

Lesson Plan

A new way for educators to make survivor's stories relevant to kids.


Holocaust education in Grade 6 for a better world.

We believe that Holocaust education should be taught in an age-appropriate way in Grade 6 in every province and territory in Canada. If you agree, please fill out this form to help us convince Education Ministers.

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